Sibomat Putsch® Filters in sugar production

Important sugar production group in Guatemala, successfully operates since 2019 a Putsch® filtration system composed of 6 Sibomat Filters installed after the molasses clarifier in its organic cane sugar production process.

The main advantages that the Sibomat Filter brings, both in refining and sugar manufacturing are:

  • Self-cleaning, autonomy in operation and cleaning.
  • Simple handling, easy operation and understanding of the operation by factory personnel.
  • Self-diagnosis, the software predicts the appearance of faults, detects and reports changes in the process and anticipates a possible failure.
  • Robustness, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.
  • Reliability, designed for the demanding sugar industry, where any failure that implies a decrease in production is very costly. 
  • Easy installation, it does not take up much space, it is a compact installation that is supplied on a frame with all the necessary components for its operation.
  • Minimum maintenance, the filtering sieve is the only consumable and there is hardly any movement of parts subject to wear.
  • Versatility, it can be installed in different processes: Pre-filtration of re-melted raw sugar before clarification, Pre-filtration before ultrafiltration, Filtration of the overflow of a decanter, Filtration after decolorization, Filtration of clear juice or between evaporation processes, Filtration of centrifuges, Safety filtration, Filtration of refinery process water, etc.
  • After-sales service, customer service by Putsch® filtration specialists from Spain