Treatment of beet for Bioenergy production

Putsch Nerva. Tratamiento de remolacha

We promote the production of Bioenergy using sugar beet. 

The efficient preparation of beet is an essential requirement for the production of Biogas. The Putsch® Group machinery removes stones, washes and cuts the beet in a reliable and efficient way. The accredited Putsch® facilities and components also offer a basis for the effective operation of your Bioenergy Plant.

One advantage of the beet washing process is that in the Putsch® wash drum even the most strongly adhered dirt is removed from the beet. This guarantees the cleaning of a substrate which is introduced in the digester of the bioenergy plant, where it is used with greater efficiency.

Another advantage in the Biogas production process is that our Putsch® RZK series beet cutters are capable of adjusting the degree of cutting or crushing to adapt to the technology of each plant, so that the cut or crushed beet can be used without any problem in the energy plants.

A Putsch® mobile beet washing unit in action

Schematic representation of beet preparation unit for bioenergy plants